Too Little, Too Late

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Too Little, Too Late
Author(s): Arianna
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Too Little, Too Late is a Sentinel story by Arianna.

Reactions and Reviews

Post TSbyBS, Blair turns down the badge for all of the usual reasons (not wanting to carry a gun, media attention, issues with being a stated fraud). Just when he's about given up, Orvelle Wallace shows up and gives him a second chance: a job as a director of a newly opened community center. Now Jim and Blair just have to mend fences -- hopefully before the local gang manages to make good on its threat to take Blair out of the picture. As is pretty well known by now, I'm a huge sucker for TSbyBS fics. This is an especially good one, with Blair moving on in a way that is rational, but which isn't necessarily the way that Jim had planned. I like the idea that Blair is capable of standing on his own two feet and that he doesn't need Jim to pick up the pieces, and I also like the fact that Jim is emotionally mature enough to accept this fact and also to accept that he has some amends to make. You also have a fantastic storyline involving the community center, with a great collection of OCs that don't get much screentime, but which are memorable nonetheless. Mix in most of the members of Major Crimes (all of whom are awesome), some major suspense thanks to the local gang, and plenty of hurt/comfort (especially in the latter half of the fic) and you have a great post-series story that should appeal to everyone.[1]
So, maybe by now you all could have noted that I'm a little bit biased towards long, first-time, post-TSbyBS stories. Maybe, just maybe. *g*

And this one is... just great! Arianna writes fabulous stuff, and this story just proves it. Here, Blair decides he doesn't wants to be a cop, and gets his second chance via Orvelle Wallace, who offer him a job as director in a community center. So, Blair is moving on, but he still needs to mend fences with Jim. And it would be a thing of beauty if he manages that before the local gang decide it's time to take him off the picture.

So... a Blair who is able to find his way without anyone else decide for him, a Jim who is capable to understand and respect Blair's needs, a great storyline and good 'ol suspense, all packed up in fantastic Adriana's writing [2]


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