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Name: TomatOZ
Dates: January 16-18, 1982
Frequency: one time
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Type: fan-gathering
Focus: Starsky and Hutch
Founding Date:
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TomatOZ was a one-time Starsky and Hutch fan gathering in Australia in January 1982. Some participants were Karen, Wendy, Greg, Kathleen, Betty, Tracey, Liz and Lynda.

Some highlights:

  • visiting the Melbourne Mob
  • a fan shared her photos from Zebra Con #3
  • they watched "The Fix," "A Coffin for Starsky," and "Gillian" on the VCR, then they watched "Sweet Revenge" and "compared it to a Professionals equivalent episode, "SR" was better!"
  • they "squeezed six ladies into a tiny VW in close to 40 degrees Celsius heat
  • they took a bike ride and swam at the beach
  • they got home in time to "get a dub of David Soul" on the "Monte Carlo Show"
  • then they watched "Shootout," "Dandruff," and "Survival" on the VCR
  • they ate a lot of fruit salad while sitting on the deck
  • they all cried over a Zebra Con t-shirt when it was time to go home