Tin Man Fanfiction

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Name: Tin Man Fanfiction
Beyond the yellow brick road...
Date(s): 3 December 2007 - present (latest post Dec 2/22)
Moderator: suckmyspock
Founder: suckmyspock
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Tin Man
URL: http://tinman-fic.livejournal.com/
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Tin Man Fanfiction is a fanfiction LJ community dedicated to the Tin Man miniseries.

As of December 5, 2015, there are 590 members.


  • Please respect your fellow comm-members. We're all here for the same reason, even if some of us have different opinions. Try to have an open mind.
  • Each post here must contain something related to fanfiction (a story, a plot bunny you no longer want, a beta request, etc.). Icons/other fanart and anything else (discussion, role-playing) will have to be posted elsewhere -- check the affiliates.
  • No plagiarizing! You should be proud of your own work and ideas. If you copy someone else, you're only making yourself appear dense and unoriginal. Offenders will be hit with banhammer.
  • No trolling. You will be laughed at, mocked and banned. It's highly amusing for us, and a waste of time for you.
  • Please try to comment on everything you read. Writers need encouragement in what they do. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but absolutely no flaming. If someone has flamed your fic (or you personally), please contact the mods -- stuff like that won't be tolerated here.
  • No community advertisements unless you've asked for permission FIRST -- you can contact the mods through private messages if you like.
  • Tag your entries appropriately (and do not abuse this privilege). As of 12/19, only the mods can create new tags. For more information on tags and how to use them, please read this post.
  • Do not spam the community! If you've written a few chapters of the same story, please don't post them one after the other after the other -- either wait a while or combine them all into the same post. If you're working on a series of ficlets or drabbles, the same rule goes. It's just rude to clutter up the main page (and all the members' friends' pages). Also, do not create new accounts/puppet accounts to spam the community.
  • If you have an image accompanying your fic, that's great! However, as of 09/18, we have to ask that you place it behind a cut. Not only can it mess with the layout if it's too large, it can also stretch out friends' pages, and that's not so great.
  • Don't be a drama queen, and don't attempt to stir the pot.
  • Have fun!!