Tides & Seasons

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Title: Tides & Seasons
Type: Art anthology
Date(s): 2020
Medium: PDF
Size: 38 pages
Fandom: Animal Crossing
Language: English
External Links: Twitter
Tides & Seasons zine cover.png
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Tides & Seasons is a free Animal Crossing ezine.

The zine was initially intended to cost money; there would have been a Kickstarter campaign to fund it[1], and profits would have been donated to charity[2]. However, the head mod stepped away from the project, leading to the artists finishing the zine themselves.[3] It was released as a free PDF on August 24, 2020.[4]


  • Lauren, Ele, Kaniel, Shui, Fox, Morgan, Kurisu, Yuzu, Dzzy, Ilaac, Kaytlin Parise, Lena Koops, Kay, Sariel, Natalie, Rain, Summers, Lavender, Thanysa, Xia, Andy, Rotter, Opal, Hackwolfin


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