Thunderan Weavings

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Title: Thunderan Weavings
Author(s): M. G. Petrino
Date(s): 1989 to 2017
Fandom: Thundercats
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Thunderan Weavings is a collection of Thundercats fan fiction published by M. G. Petrino, which first appeared in the apazines Anime-Janai and Revision X, and which later migrated to the Internet.

The History of the Thunderan Weavings Archive

M. G. Petrino's stories first appeared in the apazine Anime-Janai with issue 20 (January, 1990) in the section Gin No Tora, and continued to the final issue of Anime-Janai, 43 (July,1994). This constituted volume one of Thunderan Weavings.

Volume one first appeared online via ftp on December 1, 1994 through the AOL CARTOONS area message board.

Volume two and original volume three of Thunderan Weavings appeared in the apazine Revision X from issue 1 (October, 1994) until issue 52 (August, 2003) under the section heading Thundera Junction.

The first story of volume two, Grey on Grey was uploaded to the Cartoons area in April, 1995, but was taken down on April 10, 1995 for being "too steamy for AOL."

In February, 1996, a small AOL Hometown web page, Nine Tiger's Homepage, was created, with the stories available to download once again through ftp.

February 9, 1998 marked the creation of the first true html web page on AOL, Everybody Comes to Tygra's.

Stories were added to the Thunderan Weavings Archive section until September, 2003. The author went on hiatus until May, 2008, although the web page remained in existence.

A new story appeared in the archive on May 15, 2008, when the author commenced posting again with the story, Stars Fall.

Volume numbers were reordered with appropriate explanation to account for several future timeline stories (original volume three) that had appeared in Revision X.

The future stories were moved to volume four, and the newest stories in the timeline appeared in the new volume three.

On October 31, 2008, AOL terminated all of its Hometown web pages.

Everybody Comes to Tygra's/Thunderan Weavings migrated to its current web address in October, 2008, which was and was frequently updated with new stories until March, 2012.

Volume five was created to showcase one shot Thundercats stories.

This site was taken down on August 19, 2015. Sadly, the domain name was hijacked by another party as a gateway to a porn site. Hence, as a of June 1, 2017, the entire story archive for this fan fiction was placed on Wattpad at Volume five for one shot stories is now listed as Miscellaneous Stories. The story "Viva Thundera" was not included. Volumes 1 to 4 have the same content as appeared on the old Volume 3 may be added to soon with some new stories.

The stories on the Wattpad site were taken down in early 2024 by the author.