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Title: Three Patch Podcast
Created by: Three Patch Productions
Date(s): 2013-present
Focus: Sherlock (TV), Fandom
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
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Three Patch Podcast

Three Patch Productions produces the Three Patch Podcast, a fan run podcast dedicated to the fandom culture, social issues, creative works and analysis inspired by the Sherlock (TV series) television series. Broadcasting monthly multi-segment episodes, our crew of consulting fans tackles character analysis and speculation, highlights fan ingenuity and enthusiasm, explores shipping and relationships, and shares some of the more comic aspects of this fandom life. The name of the podcast is a reference to the “three patch problem” of A Study in Pink.

Launched in 2013, Three Patch Podcast content includes monthly regular episodes, usually three to four hours in length, Spoilercast, covering on-the-ground analysis and speculation during #setlock episode filming, reaction roundtables released directly following episode airings, the Casefiles, which offer popular or lengthy segments in a one-off format, and assorted special episodes.

The Three Patch Podcast aims to capture the emotions and discussions current in the Sherlock and adjacent fandoms, as well as bring new entries to their collection of regular segments, including host/post discussions, recommendations, interviews, interest-sharing, and more. TPP dives into serious, thinky topics in Elephant in the Room, laughs along with storytellers in Drunk Canon, finds new fandoms to explore in Fandoms of Interest, and expands fic reading lists with That’s My Division.

In addition to producing podcast episodes, the Three Patch team is active in fandom social circles – sharing, collaborating, organizing, and informing. Three Patch folks also love to attend fan conventions (221bcon, LeviosaCon) using their platform to provide an inclusive, welcoming space with games, meet-ups, and food.

Though Sherlock (TV Series) may not yet have plans to film a season five, the fandom continues to be active on social media and through crossovers with other popular fandoms. Three Patch Podcast continues to produce monthly, multiple-hour-long episodes, returning to past discussions with different perspectives and exploring new fandoms.