Thirty Years of Sunshine

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Title: Thirty Years of Sunshine
Creator: Crimson
Date: 30/12/2007
Format: divx
Length: 46MB, 05:28
Music: "Now Cometh The Night" by Rob Thomas
Fandom: The Professionals
Footage: original source material
URL: Crimson's Website

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"Thirty Years of Sunshine" is a The Professionals vid by Crimson. It was created in honour of the thirtieth anniversary of The Professionals airing on British television.

Vidder's Note: "Thirty years ago on 30/12/1977. The Professionals aired for the first time. It grew on people very quickly, and has since enriched many lives in a variety of ways. This is a tribute to the relationship between Bodie and Doyle, through the eyes of those who still love this show thirty years on."

It was recommended by Callisto on Crack_Van on December 26, 2008:

"Because she took requests from the fans for our favourite moments, incorporated them with her own, cut the whole thing in black and white, set it to a slow song that shouldn’t work but does, and gave us the best Christmas present ever last year to celebrate thirty years of Pros fandom.

If you’ve ever wondered what the fuss is all about, simply check this out. Why we’re all still around thirty years after the show went off the air is right here, in about 4 beautifully crafted minutes."