The Yar Continuum

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Fan Film
Title: The Yar Continuum
Creator: members of Austrek
Date: 1993, 2006
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG

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The Yar Continuum is a Star Trek: TNG fan film.

"In 1993 Austrek made its second fan film during a trip to Hanging Rock called The Yar Continuum, this featured a Next Generation story of an away mission to a planet where the local aliens had somehow created two Tasha Yars. The filming day was a great deal of fun as a mass of costumed Austrek members pretty much took over The Rock. Unfortunately the movie itself was left untouched and incomplete until 2006 when it was finally finished, though by this time many of the cast members had long since left the club so they never got to see the final product." [1]