The X-Files Experience

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Name: The X-Files Experience
Owner/Maintainer: Autumn Tysko
Dates: late 1990s?
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: The X-Files Experience, Archived version
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The X-Files Experience is a website created by Autumn Tysko.

front page

It contains episode reviews, a "shrine" Autumn Tysko's favorite episode ("Irresistable"), analysis, screencaps, information about minor characters, and quotes.

"When I was looking for The X-Files sites, I was searching for the ones with the written word, i.e. reviews, opinions etc. So, I've decided that this is the kind of site I would like to create, and I present it to your judging eyes and your computer mice. Oh, yeah, this site is for people who are already acquainted with the show, so if you've come here, and have no idea what The X-Files is all about, my advise: go to Fox's official X-Files web-site where you'll find lots of information about the show."