The Wolverine & Rogue Fanfiction Archive Interview with katherine

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Wolverine & Rogue Fanfiction Archive Interview with katherine
Interviewer: The Wolverine & Rogue Fanfiction Archive
Interviewee: katherine
Date(s): August 8, 2005
Medium: online
Fandom(s): X-Men
External Links: the interview is here; copy
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The Wolverine & Rogue Fanfiction Archive Interview with katherine was conducted in 2005.

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Some Excerpts

[The lure of fan fiction?]: The endless possibilities. Originally, my answer was long and rambling and smelled like Eau de Pretension. And it all wound back to the simple fact that you can do anything you damn well please in fan fiction. Writing-wise, the lure for me is in exploring the smaller moments that get glossed over in canon material.
I love Jubilee! Jubilee in this fandom, to me, is a big Mary Sue. Authors use her to insert their own thoughts into the story. Originally, the series was just one story. The last story. I liked how it turned out but I kept having thoughts about Marie's friendship with Jubilee. I've read so many fics where Jubilee was nothing but a shit-stirring sidekick with little to no personality of her own, and I wanted to explore her a little more.
Beta readers are wonderful creatures, if you're willing to go with ones who won't necessarily spare your feelings and tell you what you want to hear. Everything I write goes through a beta reader. I don't trust myself to catch my own mistakes, grammar-wise and content-wise. When I wrote my first remix, I pretty much had two beta readers dragging me through it, and each offered something different. One focused on the story itself and told me when I was repeating myself or botching the characters and pointing me in the right direction, and the other focused on the mechanics and flow.