The Watering Hole

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Name: The Watering Hole
Date(s): February 1998 - 31 March 2002 (last update)
Archivist: Ezra's Cat
Founder: Ezra's Cat
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
URL: (Wayback)
The Watering Hole for The Magnificent Seven.png
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The Watering Hole is a Magnificent Seven fanfiction archive and fansite.

Description from Freyan's The Magnificent Seven Fanpage: "Yet another Ezracentric archive. Gotta love those. *G* Just be prepared for some god-awful wav-files playing."[1]

From the main page:
The Watering Hole was launched in February, 1998 with the intent of providing a central location for contact information so that fans of The Magnficent Seven would be able to send out letters. Members of The Magnificent Seven Mailing list provided me with a lot of addresses (which were compiled here for your writing convenience). Fans also wrote letter upon letter to CBS and sponsors, telling them how wonderful this show was.
The efforts of the fans were rewarded when the show was renewed. Unfortunately, CBS pulled the series without showing all episodes. Hope was not lost though, and fans continued in their efforts, writing several different channels...hoping to find the show a home. Success The Magnificent Seven now airs on TNN.
Fans also wrote to MGM requesting that the series to be released on video. Success The Magnificent Seven has been released on video. Soon to be released on DVD.
There are a lot of things here: from fanfic to gathering information, music to pictures, trivia, mailing lists, webrings.
The page is a member of the Mag 7 Webring and the Ring of BrigaDears.

The description of the content is taken from the website, so it might not all be written in third person POV right now.


  • The Reading Room -- Magnificent Seven fanfiction.
  • Ezra Kisses -- Fanfiction with a central theme.
  • Magnificent Seven Holiday Fanfiction Archive -- Fanfiction which is centered around a holiday. Check out the pretty kitty theme.
  • International Fanfiction Archive -- Fanfiction translated into Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German. Right now, translators are busily working to get stories completed. The only stories presently on the archive are Portuguese.
  • Global Gathering Zine -- Fanfiction written by the participants of Global Gathering 2001.
  • Criterion Press-- Interested in fanzines? Here is information on how to find them.


The Magnificent Seven Soundtrack -- This is the complete soundtrack from the series. I was presented with a CD with this music by John Watson, as were several other fans who worked hard to bring back the series. He said it was produced for the fans. Since it would be impossible for him to get all of the fans a copy of this CD, I'm hosting it at this site.

Fan Gatherings

Global Gathering 2001 - Gathering of Global Proportion! 12 cities in three countries hosted a gathering on October 12-15, 2001. This will show you what some of us got up to. Participants also produced a limited edition fanzine for the event. Global Gathering Zine.

Image Galleries

  • The Sights and Sounds of the Second Season - Screen Captures and Sound Bites from the Second Season
  • Gut Warmers - Images of the guys from the fist season.
  • Chris Pix - Images of Chris.
  • Vin Visages - Images of Vin.
  • JD Takes - Images of JD.
  • Buck Shots - Images of Buck.
  • Josiah Tableaux - Images of Josiah.
  • Ezra Exposures - Images of Ezra.
  • Nathan's Comportment - Images of Nathan.


Both rings have moved sometime between 1999 and 2002 from Yahoo! Webring to new locations.


BrigaDear Headquarters - Information on how to join the BrigaDears mailing list. Join us for fun. We get a little crazy sometimes, but we're mostly harmless. Friendship, fanfic, support. And did I mention the pictures?

  • 1999 BrigaDear Awards Ceremony - Coverage of the 1999 BrigaDear Awards, broadcast LIVE from EZTV.
  • 2000 BrigaDear Awards Ceremony - Coverage of the 2000 BrigaDear Awards, broadcast LIVE from EZTV.
  • 2001 BrigaDear Awards Ceremony - Coverage of the 2001 BrigaDear Awards, broadcast LIVE from EZTV.
  • 2002 BrigaDear Awards Ceremony - Coverage of the 2002 BrigaDear Awards, broadcast LIVE from EZTV.


  • Agent Addresses - If you're interested in writing to the cast, here is a complete list of agents.
  • Ezralia - Ezra's keepership list and Ezralian job list. Contact Cat to fill out a job application after you have perused this site.
  • Dunneland - JD's keepership list and Dunneland job list. Contact Cat to fill out a job application after you have perused this site.
  • Chris Country - Chris's keepership list and Chris Country job list. Contact Cat to fill out a job application after you have perused this site.
  • VINLand - Vin's keepership list and VINLand job list.
  • BuckingHim Palace - Buck's keepership list. Contact Lady Viper to request an item after you have perused this site.
  • Trivia - How much do you know about the series?
  • Ezralian Institute of Lexiconical Amplification - Ever wonder where Ezra got his vocabulary? Expand your own at EILA
  • Mailing Lists - While certainly not comprehensive, here are a few discussion forums. If you'd like me to link your mailing list, please let me know.
  • Links - A few of my favored places on the web. If I haven't listed your site, please send me your URL.
  • Western Union Office - Send an email greeting card. Features: Collages by StBarb and music from the M7 Soundtrack.
  • The Faces of Tony Concentration Game - Match the pictures of Tony in his various projects.
  • Magnificent Seven Concentration Game - Match the pictures from the show to reveal another picture.
  • Awards - This is a list of the awards the website has won.


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