The Warehouse

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Name: The Warehouse / 감금창고
Creator: Team Killer Whale
Date(s): 2016-2019
Medium: mahwa webtoon
Country of Origin: South Korea
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The Warehouse is a webtoon published by the artist/writer team Killer Whale. It was originally published on Lezhin before moving to Bomtoon. The canon has been compared to Killing Stalking but it was published a few months before.

The story is about Kim Dohyun, who is kidnapped by Jung Sungho, an apparent stranger, and raped repeatedly. However, Sungho seems to know Dohyun and to be motivated by revenge. The central mystery revolves around the relationship between Dohyun and Sungho and their past together. The webtoon focuses almost exclusively on these two characters but two minor characters are introduced later on.


The fandom is very small, with less than 50 fics on AO3. The first fic was published in 2018.

Fandom almost exclusively focuses on Dohyun/Sungho, and unsurprisingly contains a high percentage of noncon/dubcon works.