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The Vampire Rehash (styled Re#ash) is a series of videos produced by CW network recapping the episodes of The Vampire Diaries using fan reactions. It started in 2012 and is an ongoing feature on the CW website as well as their YouTube channel.

Fans are encouraged to live tweet the episodes using the hashtag #TVD or using the CW app that allows to add text to screencaps from the episode. The reactions that are judged "best" (probably those most funny and/or fitting best with the narrative of the video) are compiled and presented by the host, Arielle Kebbel (who played Lexi on TVD).

Aside from Arielle, The Rehash had several guest hosts, including Malese Jow (Anna), Emily C. Chang (who played Stefan's girlfriend Ivy), and Marguerite MacIntyre (Liz Forbes).

A lot of fans participate in the livetweeting and the app, but fan involvement doesn't end there. Fans also comment on videos themselves, the hosts and production through fannish lense. For example, commenting on how Arielle Kebbel is a Stelena shipper, just like her character.[1]



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