The V/Evey FanFic Backups

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Name: The V/Evey FanFic Backups
Dates: 2008-2023
Fandom: V for Vendetta
The V/Every FanFic Backups homepage
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The V/Evey FanFic Backups was a website dedicated to the ship V/Evey from V for Vendetta. It only hosted works by PEAhopeless and fanart inspired by PEAhopeless's series. There are 8 artists listed, however the current backup does not contain any art for two of the artists. It was hosted on Google Sites, and no longer exists at it's original address, only as backups on the WayBack Machine.


The only author on this site was PEAhopeless, whose works were originally posted on AOL. The site contained 179 of her works that were originally posted between 2006 and 2007.


The artists listed were: AbbeyNormal (2 works), AmesGWood (11 works), Eviltak, Firelady113 (5 works), Fuguestate, Kawaii Usagi (1 work), Lady Kerowyn (9 works), and Risu-San (3 works). However, works by Eviltak and Fuguestate are unavailable, as the pages were listed as "Under Construction".