The Trek Goes On

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Filk Album
Album Title: The Trek Goes On
Producer: Other Worlds Books
Type: Studio
Date: 1987
Medium: Tape
Fandom: Multiple
Performer(s): Multiple
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The Trek Goes On is a cassette tape of filk songs from Roberta Rogow, Greg Baker and Dave Maskin.

"Roberta Rogow joins forces with Greg Baker to sing some Golden Oldies as well as some New Generation filks. Rogow does 'The Klingons and the Earthers,' 'Worf, Worf, Worf,' and 'A Whaling Song,' while Greg sings 'Starship Named Bob,' 'Ponn Far Doll,' and 'Dreams.' and both join in with Dave Maskin on 'The Rebel Pilot's Lament.' " [1]


  1. from Datazine #49