The Traitor

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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: The Traitor
Author(s): babel
Date(s): 2006
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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"The Traitor" is a Star Trek: DS9 Garak/Bashir story by babel.

Reactions and Reviews

Wow this story is just wow. For awhile there I believed just like Julian that Garak turned "good" and then he just stays the agent that he really is. I love that, other people would have stayed with the whole turning good part and you just kept the evil agent thing going. This is by far the best ds 9 story I've read in a long while. [1]
That was really beautiful. Exactly what I want out of a Garak/Bashir fic and the ending was great and really pulled it all together. [2]
Brilliant and heartwrenching. One of the best Star Trek AU stories I've ever read. One thing I have to compliment you on is making the memory extraction technique a relatively simple detail in the story, even though it's an important one in the end. I wish I could do that; every time I've tried to write Trek fic I end up overdoing the technobabble, especially when it's not necessary (Lord only knows why I do that). I'm jealous; in a good way though. ;-) [3]
wow,that just wow. I loved the twist at the end. [4]
Wow! This is great. I really like that you didn't have Julian killed at the end, which I figured would have to happen. ...So are you purposely leaving it open for a sequel? Will Garak ever forgive himself? Will Tain force him to carry out a mission with the new Cardassian Bashir? I'm dying to know. [5]
Absolutely dangerous for the both of them, every step of the way. From the role that Garak has to play for Bashir to how much the Doctor wants him to play it. And in the end, everyone is exactly who they are. Wonderfully done. [6]
Oh but I wonder...while Bashir is genetically enhanced...he's still human and therefore, would Tain have bothered if Garak wasn't attached?

This reminds me of mothers who are jealous of their daugher-in-laws.

...and poor Julian! I think I read this on a website, recced by Mark Stanly's site, a few weeks back, and I remember feeling hopeful before the Something Is Wrong feeling sets in when Garak persisted on the 'shuttle'. [7]
Just found this fic, and I'm not even a G/B shipper, but this is AWESOME (in a horrible depressing way of course). Both of them are perfectly written. Did you ever write the sequel? [8]
I HATE LIVE JOURNAL. But I love this story so much that I'm reposting as much as I can recover of the comment.

I love this so, so, so much, and I agree with you. It's the best thing you've written this year -- the premise is brilliant, and the execution is motherfucking amazing. It takes one brilliant, brilliant writer to make me read this much dialogue, and the reason it works is because the work is so meticulous. Every line of dialogue has its place and function; you use dialogue the way that it's meant to be used, and with such OMG AWESOME.

What's also awesome about this story is the seriousness of the stuff that it deals with. Trust! Faith! The nature of friendship and loyalty! It's big-time stuff, and you really make us care about it. We want Bashir to be OK; we want Garak to be redeemed, and oh man. The metaphor for how all of this is just a holosuite?

It's brilliant. And I love how carefully, how thoughtfully you've fleshed this story out. It's made with care and brilliance and awesome, so I <3 it even if you insult my taste in chili. [9]
This is one of my all-time favorite ds9 fanfics ever. You really have such talent. This is perfect -- the voices are true, the unfolding of events is relentless, the trick played on the reader is both deft and honest -- at least, for this reader; I was totally sucked in, but then I realized the brillance and *rightness* of the true revelation. There is no flabbiness here, no words that don't pull their weight. Thank you for this. [10]
Honestly I had a degree of suspicion about Bashir's 'rescue', but I was a bit cautious about committing. One of the greatest temptations of a shipfic is to ignore the flaws of the relationship in question, which while entertaining, are nowhere as satisfying. You've done a wonderful job of embracing their flaw and taken it to it's rather depressing conclusion. It's not easy to do, but I commend you for an excellent piece of work. [11]
F-ing amazing. Beautiful, wonderful. Serously, I wish there was a rating system on here, because 10/10 for characterization, writing and atmosphere. [12]
OMG That isn't the happy ending I wanted and now I'm crying I need fluffy happy fic to make the sadness go away. It was still good thought. But too sad! [13]
How does this not have like, ten times the kudos? I need more fic that makes me cringe with the inevitability of what's going to happen, but the writing is so good I keep reading anyway. Amazing. Killed me dead. [14]


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