The Threat of Other Chicks

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Title: The Threat of Other Chicks
Author(s): Ethan Nelson
Genre: Mulder/Skinner
Fandom: The X-Files
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The Threat of Other Chicks is an X-Files story by Ethan Nelson.

Reactions and Reviews

Mulder and Skinner are lovers. In an unexpected plot development Mulder gets hit on the head. Mulder wakes up with amnesia. Skinner has to wrestle with his conscience, and decide whether to take this new Mulder as his lover. Sounds like a recipe for angst? Not in an Ethan Nelson story. It's all down to Ethan Nelson that on my first visit to America I nearly missed the place I was supposed to be staying, since I was completely distracted by seeing my first ever Denny's opposite! Ethan (aka Mallory Klohn) was a legend in her X-Files lifetime, her stories a triumphant combination of hot sex and hilarious dialogue. She was also adept at sliding a little insight of the characters into the most bizarre situations. This is one of her more restrained stories, although you might not realise that from the surreal humour of the opening scene. But if you enjoy it and you've never read her other stuff, you have the delights of the Denny's cycle to look forward to. [1]


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