The Teraverse

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Name(s): The Teraverse, The Alexverse
Scope/Focus: Fanfiction, Recursive fandom, Crossover
Date(s): 2012 - present
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The Teraverse is a shared universe encompassing the crossover fanfiction The Secret Return of Alex Mack by Diane Castle and works inspired by that fanfiction. Begun in 2012, works in this universe continue to be produced and are believed to number well over 120 fanfiction stories.[1]

The majority of Teraverse fanfics are hosted at Twisting the Hellmouth, the crossover fanfic site where Diane Castle's The Secret Return of Alex Mack was first posted. This was the third fic in Diane's A Brane of Extraordinary Women series and the inspiration for the Teraverse.

Teraverse authors include Diane Castle, AceDreamer, AntonioCC, batzulger, BobSchroeck, CaptainBoulanger, EdBecerra, EllenBrand, fpb, HoloFanTwo, hysteriumredux, IBJoyful, JCarlHenderson, JoshuAB, Letomo, Manchester, MarcusRowland, Rich, Speakertocustomers, Traszgo, Zeviz


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