The Starlit Jewel

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Filk Album
Album Title: The Starlit Jewel
Date: 2001
Medium: CD
Fandom: Tolkien
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The Starlit Jewel is a CD of Tolkien filk music, some written by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Other music is by Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover.

Some of these selections had been composed years earlier; a fan talks about listening to fans sing "Lament for Boromir" in 1978 at a con. [1]

  • Elvish Lullabye - Hobbit: ch. 19
  • Song of the Eldar in Exile - Book I: ch. 3 Marion Zimmer Bradley and Margaret Davis
  • Hobbit Walking Song - Hobbit: ch. 19 by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Margaret Davis
  • Merry Old Inn - Book I: ch. 9
  • Children's Song From Dale - Hobbit: ch. 10
  • In Western Lands - Book VI: ch. 1
  • Galadriel's Lament - Book II: ch. 8 Marion Zimmer Bradley and Margaret Davis
  • Troll Song - Book I: ch. 12
  • Lament for Boromir - Book III: ch. 1 Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Bath Song - Book I: ch. 5
  • In Durin's Day - Book II: ch. 4
  • Lay of Nimrodel - Book II: ch. 6
  • When Spring Unfolds - Book III: ch. 4


  1. "We had two LASFS people with us, Lee and Barry Gold. After a prolonged giggle session, Barry brought his guitar, and sang for us some of your compositions for Tolkien's songs. "Lament for Boromir" was absolutely stunning." -- from Darkovans Invade Boskone!