The Seven Brothers

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Title: The Seven Brothers
Author(s): Rebecca
Date(s): 2002 or before
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
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The Seven Brothers is a Magnificent Seven AU series in which the seven find themselves related.

Description from Freyan's The Magnificent Seven Fanpage: "A really well-written and detailed AU written by Rebecca, in which the Seven are brothers, but most of them only meet up after they've grown up."

The Stories

The Reading of the Will. Lincoln Jefferson Larabee has died. His sons are gathered to hear the terms of his last Will and Testament which dictate that they must live together for a year to inherit a large sum of money. Who will stay and who will go?

The Hunt for a Lost Brother and other Villains (WIP). This started out as a Chris gets mad at Ezra, Ezra leaves rather than explain himself and then Chris has to track him down to say he's sorry. It doesn't stay that way. Nathan finds trouble and the guys learn a little more about their father, making them wonder if they really ever knew him.

Jack, A Dog's Story. Jack is the dog introduced in The Reading of the Will. This was supposed to be a story talking about how he became Linc Larabee's dog. Instead this is more of a peek at Chris' childhood.

A Letter to Hannah. This story takes place after The Hunt. It is New Year's Day and Josiah takes a few minutes to write his sister. As he writes he reflects on the changes in his life. I wrote this story to bring Hannah into this AU and to explore Josiah's thoughts. He is a hard character for me to get a handle on an this is my attempt to understand him a little better.

Memories... Regretted Actions. Inez's restaurant was vandalized and the vandals are caught. Unfortunately, they are just kids and the seven are disappointed that they can't teach the culprits some manners. After thinking about the situation, JD asks if when they were kids, did they ever ever do something that they truly regretted. The guys take turns talking about the things they did as kid that they wish they hadn't done.