The Secret Garden

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Title: The Secret Garden
Author(s): emma in oz
Date(s): December 20, 2005
Length: Word Count: 3,237
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Secret Garden is a Stargate Atlantis Lorne/Parrish story by emma in oz.

From the author" "Summary: This is for Carleton97 who requested Lorne/Parrish for her secret slasher story. What I intended was a slow moving exploration of a developing relationship; what I made was somehow both episodic and heavy on the exposition. But at least this brings the total number of Parrish/Lorne stories to about four:-) I hope you enjoy your Christmas fic."

Reactions and Reviews

The Lorne/Parrish pairing is kinda like the little ship that could for me. From 2 minutes on screen time, at the beginning of Runner, grew these stories that I just love. The Secret Garden grows softly and slowly on you. Linear but not boring. It uses one of my favorite plot point : exploring the city. So Parrish finds a room with a collection of Ancient biological samples. It's start from there. It's a lovely story written for last year sga_santa.[1]


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