The Roads Never Lead Where They're Supposed to Go

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Title: The Roads Never Lead Where They're Supposed to Go
Author(s): eleveninches
Date(s): 2006
Genre: slash and het
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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The Roads Never Lead Where They're Supposed to Go is a Stargate Atlantis story by eleveninches.

The pairings are McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Zelenka.

Author's Notes

"For the B-Movie Ficathon Challenge: A brilliant geneticist plans to expose a lethal virus to every human being on the planet. Her objective: to destroy humankind in favour of her new strain of prehistoric dinosaurs. Two people stand in the way of her diabolical plan, a cynical night watchman and a lovely idealistic environmentalist. The two must overcome their differences long enough to uncover the scientist's scheme and fight her carnivorous creations in a desperate battle against the extinction of the human race.

In other words: A slightly different John and Rodney, in a slightly different Atlantis, fight Marines, dinosaurs, and each other. Alternate Universe; McKay/Sheppard, Elizabeth/Zelenka."

Reactions and Reviews

Why this must be read: This story combines a homage to the humor and adventure plots of B-movies with the Atlantis characters, making a few slight twists along the way, such as Zelenka as the lead scientist. John is a botanist, skateboarder, and ex-environmental extremist who ends up partnering Rodney as they explore Atlantis, only to discover that someone is turning people into dinosaurs. The story's fast pacing, absurd situations and buddy-oriented rapid-fire dialog shine, making it a delight to read. [1]


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