The Rider's Pride

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Title: The Rider's Pride
Author(s): Dan Kirk
Date(s): a bit complicated
Length: 107,446 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
External Links: online here (2013)
[The Rider's Pride by Dan Kirk, Archived version (2001)

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The Rider's Pride is a m/m Dragonriders of Pern story by Dan Kirk.

Author's Summary

Tags and Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, with wings, anal, oral, coming of age, future.

"FanFiction set in Ann McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern world. The story follows Jashon. He's the son of a holder that is not following tradition, which, as always, leads to grief and discontent."

The Author's Foreword: 2001

This foreword is on the 2001 post, but not the 2013 post:

The world of Pern, as created by Anne McCaffrey have long been a favorite of mine. She has rather graciously granted permission for the posting of fan fiction stories online in accordance with guidelines and rules listed at [old link]. If you have never read any of her stories, I encourage you to purchase them from an online retailer or your local bookstore. Like Anne McCaffrey herself, I recommend starting with her original book about Pern, Dragonflight. My personal favorite remains Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern. I wish to give my personal thanks to Anne McCaffrey for not only creating the world of Pern, but for showing people like me, ordinary gay men, living their lives as part of society, both good and bad. Her works have long given me hope for a better future…for all of us. [1]

Date Published

Originally posted in 2001. Fans discuss this story in May 2007. The published date of the current version is March 17, 2013.

Reactions and Reviews: Separate Post

See Rider's Pride & Sexual Orientation/Discrimination (2007)

Reactions and Reviews: At the Fic's Posting Site

Some of these comments are for individual chapters, some for the whole story:

I was almost in pain this morning with the end of Book I of Dreams, but then you brought forth this new adventure. I have been in love with Pern for years. If anyone can do this justice I know that you can. But Please, don't wait too long for a return to Garrett, Neal, Billy and all. Those Earthers need comeuppance. [2]
Great story so far. Reading this brings backs memories of high school. The whole series was in my high school library and I used to be in the library devouring them every break i get. I think I'm gonna love your spin on the series. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter and I hope the wait won't be too long. Btw, I wonder how Joshans' father will react if he get a green dragon. [3]
I might have to reread the Dragonriders series. This is great. [4]
Haha I liked when liliath tossed the thief between her front legs. poor grandfather think he got more than he bargained for on that flight. I had never read any of the original books but after reading this I think it's time to hit my local library in town to see what I've been missing [5]
I've never actually read pern but your masterful writing wants me to check out the original stories. I love how this story is progressing and I look forward to reading more. J'shon's fear of the rising will be interesting to see develop; I hope he can get over it and perhaps find love. [6]
I keep meaning to leave a comment after each chapter but I've been too engrossed in this story that I just want to get to the next chapter as soon as possible. I'm loving this story.

At first I was hoping that the gold dragon, the queen, would choose Jashon. I know, they are only supposed to choose females. You have to admit it would have made an interesting twist to the story and first of many things in store for Jashon.

If I am understanding correctly then I assume that most or all of the green riders are gay or tend to lean that way? If that is the case then I am wondering who Jashon will choose to be with in his life?? Will it be his friend that showed him around when he arrived or could it be his younger brother? No, I'm not trying to be twisted here its just that I thought I picked up on a few little things between Jashon and his brother. Could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first and certainly won't be the last.

Before I ramble on too much I'll just say that I've love every story of yours that I have read so far. This one is right up there with the rest. Thank-you for sharing your gift with us! [7]
This was one of the most emotional ends to a story I've ever had the delight of reading. The final scene was just perfect, as sad as it was. I have to admit I managed to give myself a blood nose snobbing and sniffing and then blowing my nose that got all stuffed up while crying. Haha. I am grateful to have read this masterpiece. It really makes me happy that amazing stories like this can still be read for free; to be honest I'm amazed you don't have publishers snapping up anything you write. [8]
I am so glad that I decided to read this story. Usually I don't read fan fictions but I read the original trilogy about 15 years ago or so, I think I was about 15 maybe younger anyways I remember really liking them even though I don't really remember them. After reading this I remember why I liked them and have since decided that I will buy and read them all  :D When it came time for the dragon to choose Jashon I was secretly hoping that maybe he would get a white or maybe some other unusual never before seen color. I am happy though that he was picked by a green and he was able to deal with his internal struggles and what he thought were the expectations of his father. I am a bit sad that we didn't get to see how there relationship developed and all that fun stuff but it was a wonderful story and I am sad to see it go. [9]
Here's hoping that whichever rider pops J'shon when his dragon rises takes good care of him. Of course I'm also hoping he and B'rrel end up as weyrmates!... Wow! An incestuous poly amorous relationship with two browns and one green? Somebody is gonna be sore until he's well broken in! LOL [10]
Just finished reading this wonderful, well-written story for the second time. It shows the need to live life in very moment. The joys of life mixed with the sorrow of death, as life moves on. Both times, I had tears when reading it and left wishing for more. My love affair with Pern begin with reading the White Dragon in grade school, I've been hooked since. As a gay man I was just floored that I never connected the green dragons with a gay theme. I will forever be great full for the tie-in that just brings the world of Pern that must closer to me. Dan, please revisit this world and let us have a bit more. [11]
This is every bit as good as the Pern stories...kudos... I am not ashamed to say that I cried like a baby. It was sadly beautiful...they did have a good life least there is that. Kudos to you for the skill and the depiction of a Pern I have always loved. [12]
Incredible story. I can hears Anne's voice. I was on the floor crying my eyes out at the end. Thank you for writing [13]


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