The Raven's Cellar (Forever Knight website)

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Name: The Raven's Cellar
Date(s): c. 2002-2008
Archivist: (no longer updated)
Founder: Cousin Mary, Shana Nolan
Type: fanfic archive, faction site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: The Raven's Cellar
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Banner heading the main page of The Raven's Cellar, with Oded Fehr cast as Miklos.
Picture of Tracy and Miklos from the index page of The Raven's Cellar faction site.

The Raven's Cellar is the eponymous website for the Raven's Cellar faction of Forever Knight fandom. It was created by Cousin Mary and Shana Nolan to archive their Tracy/Miklos fan fiction.

Site History

The Raven's Cellar was originally at The site is first documented in June 2002 and lasted until August 2008. During that time, its contents did not change. The site had a small quantity of fan art, but primarily provided an archive for fan fiction that had previously been posted to the Dark Perks e-mail list.

In 2013, a slightly restored version of the site was added to the Forever Knight Website Archive.

Site Design

The index page for the site is dominated by a large fanart picture of Tracy and Miklos together, which links to the rest of site. Under the picture are contact e-mail addresses.

The main page of the site is headed by a well-made banner, which is a composite of the faction logo with pictures of the two characters and the door of the the Raven nightclub. There follows a description of Tracy and Miklos, links to the archived fan fiction, and a banner for people to link to the site.

In all the art, the image of the actor Oded Fehr is substituted for that of the actor who actually played the role of Miklos.

Fan Fiction

The following fan fiction is archived on the Raven's Cellar faction site.

  • "Slipping a Miklos" by Cousin Mary
  • "Shotglass Full of Cherries" by Cousin Mary
  • "Coming Across" by Cousin Mary
  • "Snowed In" by Cousin Mary
  • "Enthralled" by Cousin Mary
  • "Can't Work" by Cousin Mary
  • The Morning After Series:
    • "Sleeping Beauty" by Cousin Mary
    • "A Long Day's Night" by Cousin Mary
    • "Close Shave" by Cousin Mary
  • "The Other Side" by Shana Nolan
  • "Bailamos" by Shana Nolan
  • "Private Dance" by Shana Nolan
  • "Stripping Surprise" by Shana Nolan