The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron

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Title: The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print
Size: 80 pages
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Language: English
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The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron is a zine in the World of Warcraft fandom.


The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron features over 80 full-color pages of artwork, creative writing, and prose from thirty different contributors about the unique experience of playing World of Warcraft as a person with mental illness and/or neurodivergence (or MI/ND).


Beyond production costs, all proceeds from book sales will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a non-profit organization that works on a global scale to raise awareness about, fund scientific research for, and provide resources for those struggling with and affected by suicide. This organization was chosen by our contributors because suicide is a subject and struggle intimately known to the mentally ill and neurodiverse communities.