The Paul Darrow Appreciation Society

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Fan Club
Name: The Paul Darrow Appreciation Society
Dates: very late 1980s, early 1990s
Founder(s): Mindy DeLapp, Christy Keith and Diane Pierzinski
Country based in:
Focus: Paul Darrow, Blake's 7
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The Paul Darrow Appreciation Society is a fan club.


Description from a flyer: "WHAT IS THE PAUL DARROW APPRECIATION SOCIETY? WHY W AS IT STARTED?: The Paul Darrow Appreciation Society is a group dedicated to the promotion of perhaps one of the finest Blake's 7 actors. PDAS members share a common bond: an interest in the character Avon and greater still, an interest in Paul Darrow - the actor. Our aim is to explore the current and past roles of Paul Darrow as a diversified • actor and follow him in his future parts.

WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PDAS AND MOST OTHER BLAKE'S 7 GROUPS?: PDAS is a newsletter-club. In other words, the vast geographical distances between our members do not permit us to hold regular meetings. Instead, we share ideas, information and experiences through "ASPECTS", our newsletter. ASPECTS is packed with photos and interesting and original features about Paul, his work with Blake's 7 and his many other acting roles. Occasional contests are run in the newsletter."