The Paris/Kim Slash Fic Archive

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Name: The Paris/Kim Slash Fic Archive
Archivist: Anneinchicago
Founder: Anneinchicago
Type: Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
The Paris Kim Slash Fic Archive.png
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The Paris/Kim Slash Fic Archive is the archive of the Paris/Kim Slash Party.

Our archive is open to any and all Paris/Kim, Paris/Torres/Kim or Chakotay/Paris/Kim authors, whether they are members of the PKSP or not.


The archive was a member of The Adult Fan-Fiction Ring, Fan Fictions Unite!, The New Star Trek Slash Ring, Pretty Boy Slash, Slash Fan Fiction Ring, TEP Ring, TSU: TrekSmut University Web Ring and the Ultimate Star Trek Fanficion Webring.[1]

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