The Original Replicant

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Title: The Original Replicant
Editor(s): KathE Donnelly
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Blade Runner
Language: English
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The Original Replicant is a 20-page gen Blade Runner anthology of fiction, articles, cartoons and limericks. It is the first Bladerunner zine published.


  • a review of the movie by Kevin Atkins of Denver's Gates Planetarium
  • a review of the movie by L. Christine Harper
  • Coffee Shop Repartee
  • The Spinners
  • Rachel's Song, a filk
  • Let the Light Come In
  • Bladerunner: A Movie to Some... A Nightmare to Others
  • How It All Began, a poem by Bethann

Reactions and Reviews

When I first saw the movie, 'Bladerunner,' I must say I wasn't really that impressed. I really don't know what I expected, but what I saw on the screen wasn't it. But, being a Harrison Ford fan and having enjoyed other fanzines with stories about his many characters, I ordered 'Original Replicant.' The ad reads, 'Buy the zine now and you'll understand it later.' It seems that Denver was privileged to a Producer's Screening of 'Bladerunner' three months before it was going to be released nationally. Three fans got together after seeing this preview and put together the very first 'Bladerunner' fanzine. The zine begins with a well-written review of the movie done by L. Christine Harper. She points out some obvious flaws with the plot but still gives a fair overview of the movie. (I understnd that there were several changes made when the movie was finally released to the general public, and it should be noted that some of the comments in her review don't apply to the finished product.) 'Bladerunner: A Movie to Some...' is a satire done in the 'See Dick and Jane format.' It details with cartoons and verse the trials and tribulations of seeing the movie for the first time, and I found myself caught up in the fun of what must have been a truly unique experience. Harrison Ford made a surprise appearance at this screening, and this just added to the fun of the evening. I feel that this is the best done segment of the zine, and I found myself reading and rereading this part several times. There is a poem entitled, 'How If All Began,' which explains what happened to the Replicants and why they came back to earth. I found it easy to read and touching. 'Coffee Shop Repartee' is a one page conglomoration that left me confused. Anyone care to explain this one to me? 'The Spinners' is a 'life on Walton's Mountain' take-off. It's short and cute and uses the word 'spin' in just about every way possible. Nicely done. 'Rachael's Song' is a filk done to the tune of 'I've Never Been to Me.' It's well written and easy to sing. 'Let the Light Come In' is the only real serious bit of fiction in this zine. It tells the story of one replicant's discovery of who he really is and the information and sudden knowledge drive him mad. For a short/short story, it is nicely done. 'Original Replicant' is interspersed with several well-done cartoons, advanced comments from various people about the movie and reviews. The zine is 20 pages and the layout quite professional. Everything looks clear and the reduction is better than average. 'Original Replicant' offers a little something for everyone and for $2.00, the price is definitely right! If you're a Harrison Ford fan, you'll be glad to have this in your collection since there doesn't seem to be many zines on 'Bladerunner. [1]


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