The Old Guard Mini Bang

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Name: The Old Guard Mini Bang
Date(s): August to December 2020
Moderator(s): theoldguardevents
Founder: theoldguardevents
Fandom: The Old Guard
Associated Community:
URL: Tumblr
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The Old Guard Mini Bang is an ongoing Mini Bang for the Old Guard fandom being held on Tumblr.


The Old Guard Bang Schedule
  • August 1st — Writer and Beta Sign-Ups Open
  • August 15th — Artist Sign-Ups Open
  • August 31st — Writer Sign-Ups Close
  • September 15th–17th — Writer Check-In #1
  • September 18th — Beta Sign-Ups Close
  • September 21st–23th — Beta Claims
  • October 15th–17th — Writer Check-In #2
  • October 18th — Artist Sign-Ups Close
  • October 19th–21st — Artist Claims
  • November 15th–17th — Writer Check-In #3/Artist Check-In #1
  • December 15th–17th — Writer Final Check-In/Artist Final Check-In
  • December 27th–31st — Posting
Bang Schedule (archived)


Q: What is a Bang?

A: A Bang is a fandom event where writers and artists collaborate.

Q: What is the minimum word count?

A: 5k

Q: What are the artist requirments?

A: One full color peice of traditional or digital art.

Q: Can I participate in more than one role?

A: If you think you can handle it, go nuts.

Q: How long do I have to finish my story/art?

A: While it is prefered that your story/art is finished by the Final Check-in, you have untill the last day of the posting period to complete your work.

Q: How Do Beta Claims work?

A: Betas ‘claim’ a story based on a rough summary provided by the writer.

Q: How Do Artist Claims Work?

A: Artists ‘claim’ a story based on a scene and/or summary provided by the writer.

Q: What if more Writers than Betas and/or Artists sign-up?

A: Willing Betas and/or Artists will take on more than one story.

Q: Is sexual content allowed?

A: Yes.

Q: Am I allowed to incorprate elements from the comics?

A: Yes.

Mini Bang FAQ


  1. Writers must meet the 5k word count minimum.
  2. Artists must produce at least one full color piece.
  3. Treat your partner(s) with respect.
  4. Don’t reveal your work before the posting period.
  5. Works must be posted to the AO3 Collection.
  6. Artist and Beta’s must be properly credited.
  7. Any content or trigger warnings must be tagged appropriately.
Mini Bang Rules

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