The OWL Awards Interview with Bambu

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The OWL Awards Interview with Bambu
Interviewee: Bambu
Date(s): April 27, 2008
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2008, Bambu was interviewed for the 3rd annual OWL Awards.

Some Excerpts

In the Potterverse, the very first story I read was "Letter from an Exile one Merciful Morning." I was blown away.
Yes. [SS/HG] was my first ship and remains my first love in this fandom. I was incredibly intimidated by the pure literacy of the story. And then I next found, 'Falling Farther In'. Needless to say, I was really intimidated. However, I hungered for more. And I read everything I could find.
It's been my experience that the better authors write the odd couples... I wish I could say the lofty bit 'that I was inspired by the best of the genre,' but I'm afraid I wasn't. Not having a clue how to write prose—I'd never written a creative story... but when I stumbled upon five or six truly dreadful stories, I thought... I could do better than this. I itched to give it a try.
Do you know ... after I wrote the very first scene I ever posted, I was terrified to hit that 'send' button. I sat in front of my laptop for three hours agonizing about it. But then I decided that no one really knew me in real life, and if it was horrible, I could just fade into the woodwork and no one but me would know.... After my story posted, I sat up all night long until the very first review came in. It was positive and encouraging, and I was incredibly relieved. I was so giddy I called UberGeek (my husband) at work to squeal happily in the phone.
[my first story]: I posted at Ashwinder, which was Lord and Lady Snape in those days, and it was ‘Revealing Moments.’

I have learned so much since then. One of my new hobbies is to buy grammar books—I had no idea where the punctuation went for dialogue—I didn't even know what a dialogue tag properly was.

Regrettably, I have taken it down. There's a reason for that.

Lady Tuesday was a writer in SS/HG at the time—she's still an infrequent poster—but in one of her stories there is a scene in which Hermione impulsively kisses Snape because he saves her from being hurt when she falls from a ladder. I was really intrigued by the dynamics of the pair and seized by that moment as a starting point for a story.

With her permission I used it to delve into the aftermath of Hermione's reactions. However, I've taken the story down because it wasn't really based on my own idea.