The New Kitchen Table

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Name: The New Kitchen Table
Date(s): September 2005-present
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
URL: The New Kitchen Table - Powered by vBulletin, Archived version; later version
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The New Kitchen Table is the fan forum at the official Anne McCaffrey website. It was also known as "Anne McCaffrey Fans Forum & Chat" or "AMCF." Kitchen Table Bulletin Board was its predecessor, and was one of two McCaffrey sites created when that site closed. The other site was Meeting of Minds.

History of Site and migration

When Anne McCaffreys advisors closed her official “Kitchen Table” web site at the end of 2004, the hosting community of the time arranged to transfer most of it to a fan site, and were very happy that so many members of that site re-enrolled here. Anne’s site was always a family friendly site where young and old alike could play and post in safety, and volunteer moderators (hosts) in the forums and chat rooms were, and are, available to make sure that language and behaviour is to Anne’s standards.

Acceptable Language

This site was intended for lovers of Anne McCaffery's works to be able to play in her worlds and discuss her works in a more relaxed manner than the Old Kitchen Table. We have allowed more leeway with language here than previously, but any language considered unsuitable for a family site will be deleted by the hosts. [1]



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