The New Adventures

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Title: The New Adventures
Publisher: MacWombat Press
Date(s): April/May 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Lois and Clark
Language: English
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The New Adventures is a 128-page het Lois and Clark anthology.

The art is uncredited; one signed Spot?

  • The Best Laid Plans by Gal (5)
  • Counter Clark-Wise by Zoomway (11)
  • Eight Oh Three by Rhen (35)
  • Gelatto With a Twist by Marcelle (39)
  • The Joke by Sheryl Olson ("A screamer in half a page.") (44)
  • Two Roses by Lynda (45)
  • Fated: An Elseworlds Story by Zoomway (59)
  • Trapped! by Karana M. Arru ("An explosion leaves Lois and Clark covered with debris . . .and if he leaves to help others, the weight of the building will crush her.") (63)
  • Lousy Day by Gal (64)
  • Quick Change by Cheryl McFadden ("The true story (!) of how Clark learned to change his clothes in tornado fashion.") (67)
  • The World's Shortest L&C Story by Rhen (72)
  • Amantium Irae Amoris Integratio by Rufus (73)
  • Healing Touch by La Luna/Linda Mooney ("After Lois is brutally attacked, Clark takes her back to Smallville, not knowing that the final barriers between them could be crossed.") (88)
  • Oolong Tea by Vixen (119)
  • possibly Counter Clark-Wise ("Lex Luthor's evil machine throws Clark into a future he never wants to leave.")