The Mainframe

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Name: The Mainframe
Date(s): 2000-2002
Archivist: Eiluned
Founder: Eiluned
Type: adult fanfiction
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (2002, via Wayback) (2001)
The Mainframe.jpg
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The Mainframe was a multifandom archive with a focus on adult (het and slash) fanfiction.

Submissions: "The Mainframe accepts submissions in all fandoms. There are no restrictions on ratings, and the only content restrictions are no bestiality or pedophilia (e.g. sexual situations involving children). Chan (teen/adult or teen/teen relationships) is accepted, as long as the younger character(s) shows secondary sexual characteristics."[1]

In 2003 the page became part of the The Dark Vault.[2]


The site had five different archive sections:

The archive was a member of The Prequel Erotica SiteRing, X-Fiction Writers Guild, and the X-Men Erotica webring.


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