The Maenads

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Title: The Maenads
Publisher: Friends of Darkover
Editor(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date(s): 1978, reprinted in 1979
Medium: print
Size: 22 cm tall
Fandom: Mists of Avalon, though fans of Darkover would probably be interested
Language: English
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The Maenads is a poem, the single fanwork in a small zine. It is by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

The 1978 printing contains 5 pages, is 22 cm" tall, and has a gray cover. There were 25 copies.

The 1979 printing contains 6 pages, is 19" cm tall, has a green cover. There were 75 copies.

There is a third printing, date and pagination unknown. It has a yellow cover. It is unknown how many were printed.

"The poem is of primary interest for the readers of Bradley's historical fantasies - The Mists of Avalon (1983) which is her seminal Arthurian narrative, and The Firebrand (1987), which covers similar themes of religious transition during the period of the Trojan War. The poem makes use of much of the Goddess worship language present in both novels' texts. Prefacing the poem is a paragraph length explanation of the Maenads in Greek mythology, how they worshipped Dionysus and killed Orpheus." [1]