The Long Range Desert Convention Programme Book

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Title: "The Long Range Desert Convention Programme Book'
Publisher: ByrenLee Press
Editor(s): L.C. Wells and Anne Collins Smith
Date(s): May 2001
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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The Long Range Desert Convention Programme Book is a con zine for The Long Range Desert Convention: '60's TV Goes to War, held from 18-20 May 2001. The convention focused on a variety of World War II-themed television shows from the 1960's; Rat Patrol was featured prominently. The guests were Gary Raymond, who played Sgt. Jack Moffitt on Rat Patrol, his wife, actress Delena Kidd, and Donna Barr, the artist who writes and draws the WWII comic book series "Desert Peach."

  • The Raid Without Dietrich by Anne Collins Smith (Troy and Moffitt try to outguess that sly fox, Dietrich, at every step of a raid.) 11-16
  • Through a minefield, art by Chari LH Wessel (The Rats crawl through a minefield beneath a crescent moon.) 14
  • On the beach, art by Chari LH Wessel (Herr Hauptmann enjoys his much-needed vacation.) 16
  • Perceptions of Truce by Judith B Wolford and Cynthia K Taylor (Moffitt, Dietrich, Tully, Hitch and Faisal all have different viewpoints on the battle they shared.) 19-24
  • Reference Resources by LC Wells (Listing of resources for those looking to learn more about World War II and the North African campaign.) 25-27
  • Before I Sleep by Deborah June Laymon (Troy and Dietrich each write letters to a woman they have in common: Troy trying to come to terms with the concentration camp he just liberated, and Dietrich trying to come to terms with what he's learned about the Third Reich for which he worked.) 28-32
  • Meet Our Guest: Gary Raymond (Short biography of Gary Raymond.) 3
  • Popski's Private Army by Chari LH Wessel (Review of the book "Popski's Private Army".) 33-34
  • The Other Desert War: British Special Forces in North Africa, 1940-1943 by John W. Gordon (Review of the book "The Other Desert War" by John W. Gordon.) 34-35
  • The Die Oase Raid by LC Wells (Prequel to "The Dietrich Raid", in which Dietrich makes the front page of "Die Oase" and the Rats get copies of the article--and Tully gets Professor Moffitt's book.) 36-43
  • We're Glad to Have Delena Kidd (Short biography of Delena Kidd, wife of Gary Raymond.) 6
  • We're Glad to Have The Long Star Military Vehicle Preservation Association (Information on The Long Star Military Vehicle Preservation Association.) 6
  • The Concom (Listing of those who worked on the convention LRDC 2001 committee.) 7
  • A Glimpse of Coptic by Anne Collins Smith (A history of Coptic.) 8
  • World War II on Television by LC Wells (An examination of the appeal of World War II for makers and viewers of television programs.) 9-10