The Library of Agrabah

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Name: The Library of Agrabah
Date(s): 2002 - present
Founder: Calluna
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Aladdin
URL: The Library of Agrabah
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The Library of Agrabah is the only known active fanfiction archive solely focused on the Aladdin fandom. As of September 2014, the archive has over 530 stories.


When fanfiction archive was first opened, it was the basic HTML site, where the archivist had to manually add pages for the fanfiction, and the works were listed in alphabetical order by the author's name[1]. Fans could add their own works by e-mailing Calluna with the basics "name, file, rating, description, illustrations" and basic info about themselves such as e-mail and website[2].

In August 2004, the fanfiction archive was upgraded with the eFiction system for easier updates[3]. Calluna manually added all the fanfiction from the old system to be included to the new efiction system.

The archive was last updated by Calluna on September 28, 2007, however works are still be adding to the site every year.


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