The Legopolitan

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Title: The Legopolitan
Publisher: Michael Flint
Editor(s): John G. Slater
Date(s): 1984-85
Medium: audio cassette
Size: #1-4: C90
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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The Legopolitan is a Doctor Who tapezine on audio cassette. There were four issues.

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Issue One of The Logopolitan, from the Derbyshire-based producer-editor team of Michael Flint and John G. Slater, was released in March of 1984. Three further issues followed, featuring contributions from familiar names from the early days of DWAS fandom such as Richard Woffenden, Alan Disdale and some guy called Alan Hayes (I wonder what happened to him?). The fourth and last issue was advertised in Celestial Toyroom in August 1985 and featured a new look and improved sound recording techniques. [1]


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