The Kindest Cut

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Title: The Kindest Cut
Author(s): Kathleen Coy
Date(s): 1988
Fandom: Blake's 7
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The Kindest Cut is a Blake's 7 story by Kathleen Coy.

It was published in Powerplay #3.

Reactions and Reviews

ok! this one i genuinely like. it teases us rather coyly for a few pages as to whether it will literally be about everyone getting a haircut, and then - yes! it is about a hair cut for all. which is the set-up for a crack fic, right? wrong. it's the set-up for a fic about avon not realising he's been to a head shrink and vila knowing and sort of counselling him a bit and altogether being surprisingly wise and excellent, which is one of the ways i like my vila. there's also some amusement to be derived from the haircutting plot. phew. i was beginning to give up on this zine.[1]


  1. ^ Aralias reviewed this zine in 2013 on Dreamwidth; reference link