The Island of Misfit Fansons

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Name: The Island of Misfit Fansons
Date(s): 2013-2016
Founder: Emily DeLang and Tiffany
Type: general, fanfic
Fandom: Hanson
URL: (now defunct), and
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The Island of Misfit Fansons was a Hanson forum and fanclub of sorts that formed after several fans had their accounts suspended from the Hanson app for unclear reasons, possibly related to a vendetta against fanfic writers (popular author Abby Young was an early member of the group). After becoming well known within and without the fandom[1], they set up a short webpage to tell the public about the group. From that page:[2]

What happened was this...

In April of 2013, Hanson launched an app for their fans, where we could connect. This is where our intial bond was formed. There we found people like us, who like the same things as us... who LOVE the same band as us. As the months passed we became a family. Everything was good for a long while, then we had some bleeps on the map, but we got past it and it's smooth sailing from here on out.

The Island formed, at a much needed time, as a place to speak our minds, love OUR band, and be there for eachother. It all began because everyone was up in arms over Mia (our little sister) being banned from the Hanson App and then, as more were banned, everyone was put on the defensive. We were blowing up Twitter, trying to stay in contact with our friends there. They were feeling really down for being banned. Abby, another of our fallen heroes, had a spark of genius, uttering the words, "I feel like I'm on the Island of Misfit Fansons," then it kinda took off. And so, within a day, The Island was born out of necessity. Tiffany created the first forum for us. Right after that, the app's fan wall got shut down, for about a day or so. Then Emily found us a domain name, with the help of her awesome big sis, and the rest is history. Now we've taken over all forms of social media AND several of the concerts so far. We come from all over the world, we stand strong, you can't stop us!

Although their forum was carefully moderated and members accepted typically by invitation only, the group became well known for their various projects, which began with "Zac Hanson For Batman," then expanded to include Superman and Iron Man themed projects for Isaac and Taylor's birthdays as well.