The Hanson Report

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Title: The Hanson Report
Created by: Nic-Isaac Priest
Date(s): 1999-2003
Fandom: Hanson
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The Hanson Report was a Hanson podcast of sorts, although it predates the term. The Hanson Report was initially hosted by HansonHitz, although it moved to its own website in 2001.

The Hanson Report was created back in October of 1999 by Nic-Isaac Priest. In 1999, Nic became the Site Manager of and was trying to think of a way to make the site better. So Nic came up with the idea of The Hanson Report. Nic's background in radio allowed him the ability to record a "show" based on Hanson. In this show he would include news, appearances, songs, contests, and more. The first Hanson Report went up on October 6, 1999... Nic's 18th Birthday. It was an instant success!

With approximately 3,000 listeners per week, other Hanson websites started contacting Nic to find out how to get The Hanson Report on their webpage. Due to Nic's contract with he could not offer the report to other websites. However was sold at the end of 1999 which broke Nic's contract. The new owner wanted to keep the report on the page, however, Nic would only give the rights to the new owner only if Nic could offer the Hanson Report to other websites. The owner agreed at first... but then told Nic that he would no longer keep the Hanson Report on unless it was ONLY on HITZ. Nic disagreed and stopped doing the report in early 2001.

Now... 2002 has arrived and Nic is ready to do the Hanson Report once again. This time he has it on his OWN website... HANSONHOTLINE.COM![1]

Other staff included Heather Blankenship, Stephanie M. and Dayna.


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