The Great Room Bookshelf

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Title: The Great Room Bookshelf
Date(s): 2005-2008
Medium: print
Fandom: Lancer
Language: English
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The Great Room Bookshelf is a gen anthology containing photos, puzzles, stories, and word games. The subtitle on the cover is, "A Collection of Lancer Fan Fiction and Games."

Issue 1

The Great Room Bookshelf 1 was published in March 2005 and contains 208 pages.

cover issue #1
  • Riches Repaid by Maureen (Scott gets a rare peek into a past that molded his brother.)
  • California Dreamin' by EM ("Ma'am? When did I become a ma'am??")
  • A Simple Game by Desert Sun (A simple game between the brothers becomes deadly circumstance)
  • Unexpected Discoveries & Two Downunder Lancerettes in Lancerland by Fay (A new view of how the Lancers meet & Fay and Ros' adventures in the USA)
  • Lancer Fill-In Puzzle & Lancer Episode Trivia Test by Janet (Think you know Lancer?? Here are some tests to check your knowledge level!)
  • Introductions by Karen ""KC"" Campbell (The Lancers meet Johnny' and Darcy's new addition, sequel to 'Time After Time')
  • Harper's Weekly Article by Nancy and Karen (An article taken from a magazine of the 1870's)
  • An Olfactory Offence by Ros Hutchison (Johnny meets a forest creature with smelly results )
  • Always and Forever by Tina Coates (Johnny falls in love)
  • The Chuckwagon compiled by Geraldine (What's cookin' on your range?? Here are some suggestions!)
  • Interview with Alan Armer by Fay & Kat (A question and answer with the producer of Lancer)
  • All Choked Up by Wendy Parsons (A deadly disease hits Lancer)
  • What Dreams May Come by Jennifer Krinke (Johnny wrestles with demons from his past with Scott's help)
  • The Anniversary Gifts & Editorial comments by AJ Burfield (The art of one-upmanship in gift giving & various zine design)
  • Artist Jeannie McClure

Issue 2

cover of volume #2

The Great Room Bookshelf 2 was published in Spring 2006 and contains 188 pages. Stories by AJ Burfield, Maureen, Joan, Linda Borchers, Janet Brayden, Ros, Fay, Tina Coates, Caroline Humphries, and Fliss.

  • The 'L' Brand Game by AJ Burfield
  • Little Things by Maureen (The Lancer family is reminded about appreciation.)
  • Sons : A homecoming by Joan (An alternate universe story of the Lancer's reunion.)
  • Mattie's Love by Linda Borchers (An alternate universe 'Blind Man's Bluff'.)
  • My Fair Lancer by Ros ("The rain in Spain makes my brother a pain")
  • Horses Fill-In puzzle by Janet Brayden
  • Furthering Acquaintances by Fay (A sequel to 'Stagecoach Encounters')
  • Scott's Prayer by Tina Coates
  • Johnny's Prayer by Tina Coates
  • The Darkest Hours by Caroline Humphreys (A story of Family looking out for each other)
  • The Visitor by Fliss (A silent visitor evaluates the Lancer home)
  • * Camp Juniper Fill-in Puzzle by Janet Brayden
  • * Buttercup 'n Stinky's black angel exam
  • Zenith of his Desire by Tina Coates (The Lancers get to know each other after Homecoming.)
  • Beef to Fort Bowie, novelization by AJ Burfield (A novelized version of the script by Tommy Thompson & Ken Trevey.)

Issue 3

The Great Room Bookshelf 3 was published in Spring 2008 and contains 238 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • Dreams by Joan Miller (Three dreams make for one reality.)
  • A Different Kind of Housekeeper by Janet Brayden (A photo says it all.)
  • Carl Freeman's Boy by Ros (A boy learns that Johnny Madrid knows more than just gunfighting.)
  • Who Said What & When Quiz by The Lancer Ranch Hands (Quotes from various episodes to test your recall!.)
  • My Dearest Sister by Linda Borchers (A woman writes her sister about the Wild West and a family she meets.)
  • Vested Interest by Maureen "An interest to which the holder has a strong commitment".)
  • Measure of a Man Exam by Buttercup 'n Stinky (Another infamous brain teaser!.)
  • Night of the Lancer Savage Land by Lorraine Mumauw (A triple crossover with dire consequences for the Lancer sons.)
  • AJ's Top Ten List by AJ Burfield (A top ten list of Lancer quotes that sound obscene, but aren't!.)