The Geek Chorus

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Vid Collection
Title: The Geek Chorus (songtape collection)
Vidder(s): Illuminati Ink and Spirit Guide Productions
Date: 2007?
Format: DVD
Fandom (s): Supernatural, The Sentinel

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photocopy of the cover of the DVD collection

The Geek Chorus is a songtape collection released by Illuminati Ink and Spirit Guide Productions on DVD in the late 2000s.

Some of their fanvids appeared at the 2007 Mediawest vid show.


  • Demon's Desiring by Illuminati Ink (Ink Well & Grif Ink) (Supernatural)
  • My Son John by Grif Ink (Supernatural)
  • Unwell by Spirit Guide Productions (Sentinel)
  • Three Time Loser by Spirit Guide Productions (Sentinel)