The GJErotica Archive

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Name: The GJErotica Archive
Date(s): 2001 or before - ?
Type: het
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (Wayback)
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The GJErotica Archive is the archive of the GJErotica mailing list which is for fans of the Gabrielle/Joxer romance who like to write and read adult fiction dedicated to these two characters. From the FAQs:

Q.Why GJErotica?
A. Why not? Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, there has been a wide open gap in the Xenaverse as far as erotic fiction pertaining to Gabrielle and Joxer is concerned. Long has there been Xena and Gabrielle Erotica, and practically every other pairing in Xena, but Gabrielle and Joxer fans have not had the head start that subtext fans have to the concept is a fairly new one to them. Add to that the new element of 'Joxtext' being thrown into the show (Such cute lines as 'You know how I feel about you' uttered by Gabrielle when tied up) the temptation to put the two in some kinky and sultry situations has been overwhelming. Basically, the GJErotica mailing list was needed. GJAuthors started writing stuff that was a little to hot for the regular Joxer fan lists, and so a list specifically for the task of NC-17 fiction was created.
Q.Hey - isn't this ripping of Joxerotica?
A. Well - I guess it is. I did subsribe to Joxerotica for a while, but it's a primarily slash list. Slash is coupling of a M/M nature. Not that I mind it too much but it just doesn't spin my dail if you get my meaning. I felt the need for a list that was primarily heterotica with some homosexual play thrown in for some spice. The idea was that we could post stories where GJ get to have some fun and Gabrielle wasn't just doing Joxer because he was the closest and most available male around. [...]
Q.Don't you know Gabrielle and Xena are destined to be together? You're deluding yourselves!!
A. To each their own. I've enjoyed some XG fiction, and I fully support the right for subtexters to their romantic investment in the show. A portion of Joxer fans have theirs - in Gabrielle and Joxer. For some light entertainment, escape from the stresses of the real world, not to mention something to do on the loo, they write and/or read some saucy fiction including their favourite pair from the Xenaverse.

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