Friends of Dark Shadows

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Fan Club
Name: Friends of Dark Shadows
Dates: 1983-1987
Leadership: Sharida Rizzuto
Country based in:
Focus: Dark Shadows
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Friends of Dark Shadows was a fan club.

The Friends of Dark Shadows began in 1983 under the leadership of Sharida Rizzuto as the New Orleans branch of the International Dark Shadows Society. Rizzuto, who had a broad experience in fanzine publishing, published four issues of Inside Dark Shadows. Rizzuto and the New Orleans group then separated from the International Dark Shadows Society and reorganized as the Friends of Dark Shadows. She issued a new fanzine, The Collinswood Record (seven issues), and The Collinswood Journal, a newsletter (three issues). She was assisted by associate editor Sidney J. Dragon, the group's vice-president. The Friends of Dark Shadows and its periodicals were discontinued in 1987. Rizzuto, however, continued to publish Dark Shadows news in another publication, The Vampire Journal, now a publication for the Realm of the Vampire organization. [1]