The Forever Knight Nitpickers' Gallery

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Name: The Forever Knight Nitpickers' Gallery
Dates: 27 July 1998 - present
Type: faction site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: FK Nitpickers' Gallery
Screen capture of the index page of The Forever Knight Nitpickers' Gallery.

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The Forever Knight Nitpickers' Gallery is the website for the Nitpickers, a minor faction within Forever Knight fandom. The site was created on 27 July 1998, and last updated on 21 August 2003.

The site includes a link to the faction's Yahoo!Group, FKNitpickers, which no longer seems to exist.

Website Design

The index page of the site provides a brief description of the Nitpickers faction and a Table of Contents listing all the episodes of the series, with links on those which the nitpickers have gone through.

These links lead to pages for each season, listing in chronological order the episodes that the faction has nitpicked, for each of which is provided a paragraph of trivia, nits, and gripes. (It is to these paragraphs that the links on the index page lead.)

In addition, there is a page for miscellaneous information relating to the series as whole.


Of the 70 episodes of Forever Knight only the following were nitpicked:

  • "Dark Knight" (1992 Pilot)
  • "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter"
  • "Only the Lonely"
  • "1966"
  • "Forward Into the Past"
  • "Father's Day"
  • "A More Permanent Hell"
  • "Black Buddha Pt. 1"
  • "Sons of Belial"
  • "The Human Factor"
  • "Last Knight"