The Filament and Other Stories

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Title: The Filament and Other Stories
Publisher: El Cheapo Press
Date(s): 2003
Genre: slash
Fandom: Firefly
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The Filament and Other Stories is a slash 60-page Firefly collection of six stories by Lemon Lashes.

From the publisher: "SLASH. Stories by Lemon Lashes. Photo illos. NC17 Slash with suggested het, transvestism. Simon/Wash, Mal/Jayne, Wash/Zoe pairings. Six stories about the crew and their adventures. Includes an introduction to each character. Print version of online stories. Plenty to read, very little white space. Staple bound. 60 pages, digest." [1]


  • The Filament
  • Creating Space
  • And the Stars, They Go Round And Round
  • Of Drugs and Juggled Goslings
  • Sojourn on Beaumond
  • Tailor Made


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