The Fan (due South story)

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Fraser/Vecchio Fanfiction
Title: The Fan
Author(s): Manna La Droit
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here
online at AO3

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The Fan is a Fraser/Vecchio story by Manna La Droit.

Reactions and Reviews

This is one of the stories that got me into Fraser/Vecchio slash. It has everything you'd want in such a fic, a high level of hurt/comfort, an interesting plot with the odd twist and turn, and sex scenes that are very well done. There are wonderfully personal scenes as they come to terms with their deep feelings for each other at the same time of trying to figure who has kidnapped them and why. [1]
This is a must read. Fantastically plotted with an interesting and complex plot woven into the more personal scenes which resonate very strongly. Everything about it is good from plot to dialogue to some lovely metaphors and the hurt/comfort scenes have an emotional depth to them. Whilst the two sequels for this story (The Cabin and The Family) are not quite as good as a series it's a must read for anyone into the Fraser/Vecchio pairing. [2]


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