The Fall of Doctor Who

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Video Essay
Title: The Fall of Doctor Who
Creator: Jay Exci
Date(s): 20th May 2021
Medium: Online
Length: 5hrs, 14mins, 22 seconds (yes, really)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Topic: The Chibnall Era of Who
External Links: YouTube Link
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The Fall of Doctor Who is a video essay by Jay Exci focused on criticism of the Chibnall era of the TV series Doctor Who, specifically the ones that had aired at the time: Series 11 and 12.

The video was spread around the fandom, and is well known for being over five hours long. Reception was mixed, with many agreeing with much of the points made, some disagreeing with them, and some dismissing the video solely based on its length, or the exaggerated title.

Much of the criticisms are common ones among the fandom, from broader criticisms - such as a perceived lack of personality traits in the companions - to more specific examples - such as the Eiffel Tower scene in Spyfall Part 2. Other criticisms were more novel, such as towards Demons of the Punjab, an episode usually seen positively.


In part due to its long length, the video is split up into different sections:


    1. Casting and Context
    2. The Woman Who Fell To Earth
    3. The Ghost Monument
    1. Figuring Out the Fam
    2. Why Demons of the Punjab is Genius
    3. Comparisons in Characterisation
    1. The Battle of Ranskor Av Kolos
    2. How the Era Handles Theme
    3. The Doctor's Always Right
    4. The Core of the Doctor
    5. An Arc was Attempted
    6. A Character Assassinated
    1. Series's 12 Rising Action
    2. An Untimely Child
    3. The Timeless Child Arc Moving Forward
    1. Some Genuine Hope


Points Made

The video analysed much of the Chibnall era so far up that point, including the

  • Characterisation - and the inconsistencies - of Thirteen and the Fam.
  • The representation of POC, disabled folk etc
  • Thirteen's morality
  • The show's change in politics

Following Video

A few months later, in July of the same year, Jay uploaded a second video titled I Made a 5 Hour Video Essay... There was Backlash that addressed some of the responses she got to the initial video.