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Name: The Express Page
Dates: December 19 1996[1] - March 1 2007[2]
Fandom: N/A
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The Express Page or Expage was a simple web hosting provider popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. A free account only allowed users to make a single page, but most users created multiple accounts and hyperlinked the pages together to create more complex sites. ($7.95 a month would get you unlimited pages on one account.[3])

Each page was required to have a category selected, such as "art", "anime", "boating", "beanie_babies", "harry_potter", etc.

Due to being free and requiring little-to-no website coding skills, Expage was popular among young people making fan pages.

Hogwarts School of Magic (Archive link) was a popular roleplay site hosted on Expage.

Jacky Gilbertson ran a hatelisting for Expage.[4]