The Epic

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Title: The Epic
Author(s): Catherine Knowles
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): see below
Date(s): written in 1978, published (with a different title) in 1979, republished in 1990 by Horizon
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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The Epic is a gen Blake's 7 122-page novel by Catherine Knowles. Cover Artwork: Tim Pieraccini. Interior Artwork: Fliss Davies, Tim Pieraccini, Kevin Davies, Steve Haines, Jacqueline Rachel.

Published in 1979

An early post-1st season story, written not long after the first season ended and before the second season was broadcast, it was simply titled The Epic as it was at the time (50,000 words) the longest B7 fan story ever published.

From Media Monitor: "The very first fan-written novel in the fandom."

Original title when published in 1979: Defects of Loneliness.

Republished in 1990

In 1990, it was professionally typeset and laser printed as a glossy A4 size zine, with all new artwork.

From its 1990 publisher:
The very first Epic Length B7 single-story zine first published in 1980-ish. This has always been available in VERY limited supply, but Horizon have finally managed to get a prof. printing (with plenty of excellent artwork) done with a new exotic Laser Printing, as an A4 zine. The story is set in Series 1, and introduces a race called The Phoenix to the B7 universe. There is Romance, Adventure, Tragedy, Drama, Intrigue, and Humour (the infamous Nude Bathing Scene for one!) and insights into Avon's past life... (nothing like "Terrible Aspect" but it was written in 1978!

A distributor, Knightwriter, advertised that "all the characters got to shine, even Gan!"